Sworn To Us

Sworn To Us is a men's apparel line that caters to a fast-fashion market dominated by the millennial generation. STU did not have the resources needed to expand their product line out of simply t-shirts.

We sat with the owners and discussed their vision of the brand and what their message was in order to make sure the product we developed was in-line with the company's overall mission. We connected them with vendors that were out of their reach and helped their design team develop detailed tech-packs in order for the overall production to run without a hiccup. 


The Result?

The training and overall guidance given to the STU team has allowed them to expand their product categories immensely. What used to range as t-shirts and headwear has now grown into a full line of tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories and more. The relationships that were created along the way has allowed STU to develop collaborative pieces with larger vendors such as Champion, Levis and more. 

The guys at PGLA have gone above and beyond to not only get the job done, but partner with us and help every step of the way.
— Sworn To Us

Interested in Sworn To Us? View their site here.