Pantone 294 is the Los Angeles Dodgers' unofficial traveling fan club which sells game tickets and merchandise. P294 is recognized by the MLB and Dodgers themselves. P294's previous website was not optimized for usability for both the administrator and the customer - orders were taken via email with no inventory management and all customer communication was done individually via phone. 

After sitting with P294's team, we developed a strategy to move their current web-hosting onto a new e-commerce integrated platform with mobile-friendly capabilities in mind. We transitioned all the necessary data and assets to the new site and helped arrange the layout to create a more user-friendly and seamless customer experience. In addition, we created automated email campaigns and triggers in order to re-engage with each customer and/or lead. 

The Result?

Pantone 294 is proud to announce that they now have a streamlined and automated checkout process that eliminates the constant back-and-forth between vendor and customer. Since going live, their sales have increased 200% and customer retention is at an all-time high. We continue to monitor Pantone's website on an as-needed basis and serve as their third-party content creators - specifically for product shots.


Interested in Pantone 294? View their website here.