Golden Nomads.png


The Golden Nomads were created with the hopes of uniting LAFC fans from all over the world in efforts to support the team while on the road. To be able to show their passion and support for our team and city at an away game gives new meaning to the full fan experience.

After sitting with the Golden Nomads team, we were able to get this idea off the ground. Starting with a website, we were able to create a web presence and get the brand an outlet to gain new fans and supporters. Additionally we have created a forum where these fans can discuss upcoming games, trips, travel, and more. In addition, we created automated email campaigns and triggers in order to re-engage with each customer and/or lead. 

The Result?

The Golden Nomads are proud to announce that they now have a streamlined website with an automated communication process that eliminates the constant back-and-forth between vendor and customer. Since going live, their awareness and email list have increased tremendously. We continue to monitor Golden Nomads website on an as-needed basis.